Touch of a Rogue

Touch of A RogueJacob Preston has a set of rules he lives by but in one night meeting Julianne he is going to break the most important one. Jacob will find Julianne enticing but when danger starts to get closer to them he will do everything to protect her and keep the danger and the dagger away from her.

Lady Julianne Cambourne has a problem and goes in search of the rogue Jacob but not for the obvious reason. She will need Jacob’s help from the use of his special gift. She will not completely understand the gift but will put her trust in him as her life will soon be in danger.

I thought Touch of a Rogue from Mia Marlowe was very engaging to read. With the first book already read I understood and liked this unusual gift that this family seemed to have. Marlowe makes it a little different as Jacob possess these powers of touch but for metal which gave this book its own identity apart from Viola and her power. Marlowe is not shy about the sensual scenes with Jacob and Julianne and they definitely keep the fire going between the two characters. I also liked that Julianne does have a past that is full of guilt and was not just a happy one as it makes her well rounded. Now the villain was obvious from the start but I thought Marlowe adds to this regular villain with the added supernatural. The powers which filtered through the book was suspenseful with what other powers would start showing up. I am definitely on the look out now for the third book to this series.


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