Courting Carolina

Courting CarolinaAlec MacKeage happens upon a woman being abused and immediately rescues her. He is helped by a wolf that appears to be on this woman’s side. Alec will know immediately that this woman is not Jane Smith as she claims. He will figure out the truth only to know that they can not be together.

Carolina Oceanus is on the run from her kidnappers and is given safety from one man. She will keep her identity a secret from her savior but soon she will have to tell him the truth as her family is looking for her.

Courting Carolina is the third book to Spellbound Falls series which started off strong and kept going strong throughout the book. I liked finding out more from Carolina as the story went on. She is an interesting character that I have grown to like. I thought the paring that Janet Chapman did between the highlander and the princess was the correct one. You got to see Carolina grow into the woman she was supposed to be and not the wilted flower everyone saw. Alec was stubborn but I liked that of the highlander and he gave her value that others had not seen. Once again a heartwarming story between the characters with magic on their side.


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