Charmed by His Love

Charmed by His LoveDuncan MacKeage has been charged with the task for watching out for Peg and her children. He has no desire to tangle himself with this group but Duncan will find himself falling for the widow.

Peg Thompson does not want charity from her friends. She works hard and earns her own way in the world. She will be infuriated with Duncan who is barging in, but will simmer down and soon let him in. But with letting him in her children will start to fall for him as she is but she has to worry about her family curse and a different kind of magic altogether.

As the series of Spellbound Falls continues I find myself liking it more and more. In Charmed by His Love you are getting to know the characters more and knowing more about their past. I loved Peg and her stubbornness as well as the curse. It was unexpected thing to read especially as she is mortal.  What I found adorable was the heathens (Peg’s four children). They were all strong characters as a family and added humor to the story. As this story is surrounded by magic and time traveling highlanders it was an interesting twist with Peg’s own curse. The story is heartwarming as our hero Duncan will not back down once and sooner than later he will be hooked with Peg and her children.

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