Mystical Warrior

Mystical WarriorTrace Hunstman was looking for peace that would not happen as Fiona was forced by her brothers to move into his empty apartment. He did not want to take care of Fiona but soon found that ignoring her would be impossible. She was rearranging his stuff and getting into his head. The more time he spent with her the more he started to care and when trouble comes he will stop at nothing to protect this woman.

Fiona Gregor was back in human form and not liking the change but it was something she had to deal with. She was starting to adjust to living in her own place but things were still too new and there was the fact that her landlord intimidated her. Fiona knew he would not hurt her but that did not mean she wanted things to happen between them. Of course now she was becoming a modern woman and would take charge of her own life even if she would be taking a leap into the unknown with Trace.

Out of all the books of the series Midnight Bay I have to say that I really liked Mystical Warrior. This looks to be like the last book of the series but Chapman already set up the next one which follows Mac in Spellbound Falls series. I will have to say I warmed up to Mac in this third book and look forward to finding out what will happen with his deadline. So back to Mystical Warrior I really liked the byplay that happened with Fiona and Trace. Even with a realm of supernatural surrounding the book it seemed real with how this woman was to feel. You feel bad for her and find triumph when she lets herself enjoy her new life. Trace was a bad ass and one with a temper but it fit well into the book. There was humor throughout the book especially with what a woman was supposed to do according to Fiona’s brothers. There was also the steady supply of magic throughout the book and I really liked that Trace already knew about magic which moved the story right along.

Chapman sets up the next series with Mac but I wonder what will happen with Gabriella and will her future involve Rick? There story might come a little later as she is only seventeen but I hope Chapman writes one for her. Maybe this will happen in Spellbound Falls series which I will definitely have to try.

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