Silk is For Seduction

Marcelline Noirot is the greatest dressmaker in the world she just has to make sure the English woman understand that. With several clients her business was going well but she was setting her eyes on a bigger prize, the future wife of the Duke of Clevedon. All Marcelline had to do was go to Paris and convince the Duke she was the one to bring style to his future wife. What Marcelline did not expect was to find the Duke so attractive.

Duke of Clevedon knows that he must marry the girl he was promised to since childhood, it was understood. Clevedon wanted several more weeks of freedom which is when he saw the mysterious woman. He made it his mission to find out about her and was baffled that she was a dressmaker wanting his business or rather his future brides. Clevedon is confounded and tries to stay away from the dressmaker but she haunts him at every turn making her impossible to forget, and he has no desire to do so.

Silk is For SeductionI was captivated by Loretta Chase’s Silk is For Seduction which is the first book to the series Dressmakers. I have not read anything from her and was driven to finish the novel and was not disappointed. The two characters are from two different social status’s or at least on the surface. I liked that Chase kept the status alive between the two characters. It felt real as a duke does not marry a dressmaker but as you go on in the story you only want happiness for the characters as you are now invested in the story. They both fight hard to do the right thing, Marcelline more than the Duke but both still fought it. I loved the interaction between the two characters throughout the entire novel. It was fascinating to read how the Duke started to change from his quiet unobserving self. Marcelline did not change much but opened up for something more. Now Chase will definitely have those scenes of passion but they are few as our characters fight the attraction, of course when they come together there is no holding back.

Chase sets up the series to definitely have two more as the two sisters will undoubtedly have their own story which I can’t wait to read as the first book was refreshing and engaging to read.

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