An Unsuitable Bride

An Unsuitable BrideAlexandra Douglas was on her own along with her sister and was set out to take back what belonged to them which had been denied because of her father’s untimely death. Alex would go back to her family home and disguise herself as an elderly librarian. She would sell the books and take what was hers. The plan would be perfect if it wasn’t for Perry Sullivan.

Peregrine “Perry” Sullivan was visiting his friend Marcus  when he came upon the librarian. Instantly Perry knew that all was not as it seemed. The librarian had a quick wit to her and was hiding something. Perry made it is mission to find out what she was hiding and it didn’t take long as he found her without her disguise. Perry took it upon himself to help Alex and to uncover why she was acting this way.

An Unsuitable Bride is the third and final book of the series Blackwater Brides by Jane Feather. I though the idea of the concept was fascinating. It is not often that a man orders his nephews to find unsuitable brides in order to get their fortune.  I really liked Alexandra’s character as she was a determined woman and did everything she could to survive and to protect her sister. Perry was a very mild character with always a smile on his face. At times you thought he could be almost a simpleton but then another side shows. He has a mind and there is anger when he wants it.

The villain in this book comes from the family which Alexandra belongs to.  There was nothing diabolical about the family only that they were greedy and suspicious. There was though a happy and sad ending for the book. The ending came with a twist which was surprising but it suited the book and gave a finish to the series.


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