A Wedding Wager

It has been a while since reading Jane Feather but I ended up stopping at the library finding several new selections from her series. A Wedding Wager was one of those options.

A Wedding Wager 2Lady Serena Grantley does her stepfather’s every command until now. She is determined to make sure he keeps from harming another innocent but she will need the help of one man. The one man she let into her heart and broke his in the process.

Sebastian Sullivan was devastated when the woman he loved left him brokenhearted three years ago. Thinking he was over her Sebastian will come face to face with the woman instantly knowing nothing has changed only the fact that they were both a little older and wiser. Sebastian will head his brothers warning with getting involved with Serena but when she needs his help he is helpless to stop himself.

This book is from the series Blackwater Brides. I had found the first book of the series enticing to read and something different. A Wedding Wager was no different from the first book. The characters were well developed and had a lot of detail from their background which gave a well rounded character. Serena at first I wasn’t sure if I was to hate or not. Then once you find out more about her then you understand why she reacts that way and instantly you will want her and Sebastian to be together. Sebastian you wanted him to realize that he still loved Serena even after everything that happened.

The villain is quite clear and you hope for Serena’s stepfather to have a painful death as he is a monster. Jane Feather does a good job at creating the General to be loathsome.

I am interested to find out who Perry will chose for his bride in the third and final book, An Unsuitable Bride, to the series of the Blackwater Brides.


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