Thief of Shadows

Thief of ShadowsWinters Makepeace has been hiding a secret from his family for nine years. Winters is the St. Giles Ghost. He protects those who can not in this area of crime but now Winter’s life is being thrown off its axis. He will meet a woman who has his heart beating faster and a bigger problem as his secret is no longer his own. He will have to protect the children, protect Isabel and then himself.

Lady Isabel Beckinhall is a wealthy widow with money to spend and plenty time on her hands. She starts to invest in the foundling house for children but then her attention diverts to the manger of the house, Winters. He is too quiet and not dignified for her taste but soon she starts to wonder about him. She is shocked to find that he is the Ghost who she saved and even more shocked to find that he was getting under her skin.

This Maiden Lane series keeps going strong with each book Elizabeth Hoyt writes. The fourth book Thief of Shadows was entertaining as the previous ones have been. The masked ghost of St. Giles is unmasked! Reading the series you had a feeling that Winters was going to be playing a bigger role. I liked Winters as our masked vigilantist for St. Giles. Winters it appeared had a split personality when it came to this series. For me it was a little strange with his control that threatened to burst his composure. He fought two sides of himself like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Then we have Isabel who was a feisty woman throughout the book that had backbone with her own faults.

In this story I have to say I wasn’t sure of the villain with any of the hints. I had a couple on my list but none were the correct villain. Now the next book to the series does not come out until the month of February in 2013 which is not too far away. Hoyt leaves us with a twist at the end with our next character that I did not see coming. I am interested in how Meg and Godric will get along in Hoyt’s fifth book Lord of Darkness.

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