Legend Hunters

Spending time with family during the holidays is always fun and time consuming but as the reader in me I always like to curl up on the couch with a book at the end of the day.  Now I have not been one to remember my anniversary for this blog so starting at this point I will try better. Today is my third anniversary and I thought what better way to celebrate than to go back to the book which started the blog. Since reading Seduce Me back on December 25, 2009 I had not ventured on to Robyn DeHart, not that she was a bad author quite the contrary. I think it was because there are so many authors that I wanted to try. Of course now that her series Legend Hunters has three books I thought it would be appropriate to go back and read DeHarts books, a book for each year.

Seduce MeSeduce Me starts us off with the series Legend Hunters.

Fielding Grey is a treasure seeker and has come upon a task from The Men of Solomon to retrieve Pandora’s Box. Fielding will take the challenge but will find himself collecting more than the box. He will help protect the woman, Esme Worthington, who holds the key to the box. Esme will be grateful to Fielding but problems will occur when temptation is too much for Esme and she looks into the box.

Since reading the book before I remembered certain details but it is always fun to go back to novels and revisit their stories. I love DeHart’s story as it played to a mystery and paranormal romance. Fielding and Esme are both strong characters and I love that they are both scientist in their own way. The twist for Esme at the end was comical and gave a happy ending.

The second book to the Legend Hunters is Desire Me. I have to say when starting out the book I wasn’t so impressed but once you get to know the characters you are sucked into the story. Sabine is a strong female who has a head on her shoulders, not a weak girl. Max was a the strong hero who lived on his own for too long as he did not know what it meant to connect with others until Sabine comes to him.

Desire Me

 Max Barrett found the map of Atlantis years ago making him an instant member for the Solomons. He joined and continued his search for treasure but now something has intrigued him and it goes back to his map as Sabine Tobias comes into his life. Sabine wants, needs the map to understand the prophecy. When she entrust Max’s help it will be to safe her family but she is shocked to find that she started to fall for the man. With danger lurking Max and Sabine must hurry to uncover the prophecy.

Treasure MeThird book of Legend Hunters is Treasure Me which sounds like the final book of the series but one never knows.

Graeme Langford is the new Duke of Rothmore who is part Scottish and English. The adventurer in his sole longs for Scotland as its lands are wild and untamed but there is where the trouble will start. He will find himself handfasted to a woman, Vanessa Pembrooke who was unlike anyone he had ever known. She is bookish and loves adventure of new discoveries which is where the trouble will occur. Several cursed stones will draw out a murderer and it is up to Graeme and Vanessa to protect these stones as the danger keeps building threatening to destroy their lives.

I am not sure if the series Legend Hunters will keep going but it is certainly one to read as Robyn DeHart brings in mystery and intrigue with legends of priceless artifacts and curses. You are swept away with the characters and plots that are detailed throughout the series.


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