Notorious Pleasures

Notorious PleasuresLady Hero Batten has now become engaged to a steady and solid man what some would say boring. Hero wants safety but things will start to change when she meets her fiancee’s brother. She will find a passion in his arms that scares her as she only wants more.

Lord Reading, Griffin Remmington has seen a woman who is all together perfect and she is marrying his brother. He knows they would never suite but Griffin can not stop thinking about her or how passionate she becomes in his arms. Griffin will though have another problem on his hand as his distillery was in danger.

Since I love to find new series I had grabbed the first four books of the Maiden Lane series feeling this would be a very intriguing series to read. After the first book I wanted more and personally the second book, Notorious Pleasures, did not disappoint. You are brought back to the family that started the series but encountering new characters. This is truly a worthwhile series to read at least so far. I am hoping that this will continue.

Hero was the dutiful sister always doing the right thing. At times that got annoying as you wanted her to break free and find a way with Griffin. I loved how very much of a rake Griffin was that is of course how he acted. The true man was yes a rake but not as much as everyone thought. Thomas, Griffin’s brother, I actually felt bad for once I came to the end of the book as he too wanted more. There is a happy ending for all even if they cut it close.

There is certainly no holding back with Elizabeth Hoyt as she lets her characters explore in the basic desires. You will get caught up in the moment as Hero and Griffin will not be able to keep away from each other. Hoyt also continues the theme of sin in theses characters life as they are told to stay away but it is there taunting them. Within the book I found it was not filled with as much debauchery that Caire had displayed in the first book. Griffin is a rake but I did not think him villain like at first as I did with Caire. There is of course that grit displayed from the slums of St. Giles which follows the book. Hoyt does describe the darker side of London that most romances do not place themselves in.

Silence and Winters are still around along with Meg who was introduced as Griffin’s little sister. Silence’s story is now making headway and I am interested to find out more especially now that a certain pirate is back. Silence and Mickey will have their moment in the third book Scandalous Desires, which I am looking forward to reading.


2 thoughts on “Notorious Pleasures

  1. As you probably know, I love this series. It is so different and original from the usual historical romances.

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