Wicked Intentions

Elizabeth Hoyt is a completely new author to me. On my many trips walking through the library it seemed strange that I had never seen her books but thanks to a recommendation from La Deetda Reads I started with the first book, Wicked Intentions, of the series Maiden Lane.

Wicked IntentionsLord Caire, Lazarus Huntington needs a guide. He follows this woman knowing she would be the one to help him find the murderer. Lazarus did not expect to be blindsided by this woman. They investigate she starts to get under his skin drawing out a need he has never felt before.

Temperance Dews is in need of a benefactor for her foundling home or they are doomed to be evicted. She will find help with a strange offer in the night by Lord Caire. His proposal was simple. She would be his guide to St. Giles and they would find the murderer he had been searching for. Temperance will find herself being lured into Lazarus life and giving into temptations that she had suppressed.

Reading late at night my eyes were crusting over but I had to read more of this book. I don’t know what was compelling me but it was screaming me to read.

Wicked Intentions is on the darker side and a little gritty as it really takes place in basically the slums of England. Lazarus I wasn’t sure if I should hate or love. He was very much the silent type with his lets say interesting sexual appetites. This was very much a hot and heavy romance as Lazarus and Temperance come together. The character Temperance was a fantastic heroine but she was flawed which made her that all the more real as you read about her. She was one who punished herself and ignored her basic instinct to feel as a woman that is until Lazarus opened her eyes. I find that sin seems like a main theme in the book.

The other characters I could completely see each having their own story as they are all not the polished people of the ton. They have backbone and flaws coming from a broken home or scraping everything they have to survive. Like Silence, Winters or even Godric St. John.

Through the story Silence was having her own mini story being told. I liked this sister but felt sorry for her. I hated that her husband did not believe her but have a feeling her story is not over especially at the end when she finds something on her doorstep.

The last question in my head is who is the ghost? From reading the book he makes his appearance helping out and it looks as if he will be a character who will be revisited throughout the series.

After reading Wicked Intentions I only want more. On a whim I had grabbed a couple more from Hoyt’s Maiden Lane series knowing that once I start a series I like to read all of the books. I had a feeling I would like this series. Fortunately Elizabeth Hoyt has three more books in the series to read right away.


One thought on “Wicked Intentions

  1. I thought you would like this one, Gayle. The rest of the series is good too.

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