Truth or Demon

Killian O’Brien is one of the baddest demons around so how did he get in this situation. A group of teenage girls were now ordering him  to find a man for Daisy’s sister Poppy. How hard could that be?

Poppy Reed was a loner who took care of her sister and had little time for dates. That is until when a new man shows up in her life making her think differently.

Truth or Demon by Kathy Love was fun to read as it was a little strange but fit well with the New Orleans Vampires series. This looks to be the last book of the series but you never know if the author will come back to the series. As with the rest of the series Love keeps the plot simple and lighthearted making it a joy to read as well as fast. I was done quickly with the book as the plot was easy to get into and devour.

As I have read most of Kathy Love’s series with the exception of the series Devilish, I have only read the first book to the series,  I will just have to wait for more  to get to the shelves.


2 thoughts on “Truth or Demon

  1. Gayle I ran right over to the library to get this one. Now to squeeze it into this hectic holiday schedule.

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