Rescue My Heart

Rescue My HeartWhen going through my library I found the third book of the series Animal Magnetism. I was excited to pick up the book Rescue My Heart but I was a little rusty with who the characters were as I couldn’t remember Holly Reid. Once I started to read the book all memory lapse were erased as these characters were alive again.

Adam Connelly is back and wants rest from his duty on the national guard. He will soon though find himself with another job as he faces the one woman who had gotten in his heart years before.

Holly Reid doesn’t like that her father was not answering his cell phone and is starting to worry for his safety. She sets out to find him with the help of one person. She doesn’t want to go to Adam but he is the only one that she could count on. Together they will search for her father and she will discover that she is not over her first love.

I love Jill Shalvis’s characters. There is so much charm and wit that fills the pages along with the sizzle between the characters. The two characters you wanted them to have that second chance at finding happiness with each other. I liked reading more on Holly as I thought she was an interesting character with her tough exterior only to crumble with Adam. Another fantastic book to the Animal Magnetism series.

Now from reading this book two characters were talked about often which leads me to believe that Kate and Grif will have their story next in the series.


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