Before I Go To Sleep

Before I go to SleepPsychological thrillers are still new to me since trying it out with the most recent book from my book club Gone Girl. I was hesitant about this as the last book was good, it was twisted and got under your skin, but I was curious as I was told it was not as serve as Gone Girl.

Before I Go To Sleep is a relatively new book from a first time author S.J. Watson. The story is done with Christine Lucas the main character as the narrator. Christine everyday wakes up with no memory of who she is, where she is and who is sleeping beside her in bed. Christine has been like this for eighteen years but now she is fighting her amnesia and things will start coming back with the help of her journal.

That is all I can tell for those who are interested in the book. I was happy to read this as it truly is a thriller that grabs you right at the beginning and takes you on a ride all the way through the end. You only read from her perspective and I wouldn’t lie it gets confusing but that is because Christine is confused. Watson does an amazing job with the book. There will be secrets revealed and for me there was a moment when the truth or at least part of the truth was revealed which created a moment for me to gasp at the book.

Before I Go To Sleep is a book you can loose yourself in and truly enjoy the pure thrill of the book. I highly recommend this book.


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