Marrying the Marquis Revisited

Blaze Flambeau never wanted to marry as she knows the suffering her mother went through. But Blaze will find herself in the attention of three suitors. She will find herself responding though only to one, Ross MacArthur. He will challenge Blaze and help her with her horse but still she will deny marriage even as she is seduced in the bedroom.

Ross MacArthur found the idea of the match interesting but once he meets the lady he know she must be his. Ross will charm Blaze with the use of his knowledge on horses and racing, but all will not be well as there is a problem revolving around the horse track and his family. Ross must protect Blaze before she becomes the next victim.

Marrying the Marquis is the last book of the series Karanov at least that is until she writes another for the series. I remembered most of this book from reading it before but the villain I couldn’t remember. Of course once Patricia Grasso gives you the clues they are pretty easy to figure out the villain but nevertheless it was still fun to read.

Blaze was delightful to read with her unique ability to hear animals thoughts. She is a strong sister but her insecurity is with her looks. Red hair and freckles make her feel insecure and that no man would want her. I really liked that Grasso brought in Ross who is a highlander so red hair and freckles to him resembled beautiful as any other woman. As a highlander Ross was stubborn just as Blaze but they matched well and it was fun to read how they would butt heads.

The only downside of the story was the animals that suffered. I know this is a book but even on paper or movies I hate when animals are harmed. So reading that part was not so great for me.

On a side note I was worried about Raven and Alex’s relationship but the end gives you hope that things will be back on track. I don’t know when the next book of this series will continue. I hope soon as I want to find out what will happen with the rest of the sisters.

There is a new book out that was published this year which is Pagan Bride. This goes back to the highlanders. Loving Patricia Grasso’s book I know I will hunt down this one eventually and then of course wait for the next Karanov book to come out.

I highly recommend any series of Patricia Grasso to those who love romances.


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