Tempting the Prince

I have to say that I am enjoying these stories as if they were the first time reading them as they are in a way since I do not remember most details. The next story in the Karanov series is Tempting the Prince. In the previous book we had found out little things with Belle and the Prince but now we get the complete story.

Belle Flambeau had wanted love of a man and a family now she is scarred and knows no man would want her. Staying away from society she agrees to go to her fathers cottage to do some healing of herself, but soon Belle will have a visitor. A blind and beaten a man will wander to her door and Belle will heal the man as he heals her with his words. She will find love as they heal together but when he is revealed and Belle compromised she is still scared of what society would think. Belle will have to stand up against society and her attacker who is not done.

Prince Mikhail Karanov has set his sights on Belle Flambeau but thanks to the slasher he scarred her face leaving her vulnerable. He wants her regardless as he believes she will be a good mother and one who does not care about society. Mikhail will lie and pose as a blind and beaten man. He will win the affection of Belle through her healing but dangers will lurk their way. Not only from the society gossip but from her attacker who has not been apprehended.

I have liked the fact that Patricia Grasso has continued several stories within the book. This gives the reader many different points of view which can get confusing but at this point the characters I have down. Grasso concentrates on Belle and Mikhail’s story which was fantastic. As Mikhail starts off his relationship with Belle by lying you knew that would come back to haunt him, Grasso will not disappoint. Belle is a genuine soul who cares and heals. You hate the gossip that surrounds her but love that she does grow a back bone. It was nice to read that Mikhail would not be a man wanting to make her jealous as her scar left her insecure. Of course nothing is easy especially with Patricia Grasso’s books. Sabotage and hurt feelings will follow the couple as they move in society.

The villain of the book were two people. One was insane the other acting on orders. The villain who was insane was unexpected to a point. In hindsight you would remember certain things that would lead you to the conclusion thanks to certain behavior. Now I was surprised with the person who harmed Belle but you understood why the person did what they did. After finding out those things you hoped for justice on both of the villains and the ones connected to them.

The side characters who have their own story so far within these novels are Raven and Alexander whom I love. They are always there on vital parts of the story and I can’t wait for when they have their own.

Throughout the story we are introduced to several new characters who could be suitors for the remaining sisters or other members of the ton, but the next story will lead us to a Countess and a Prince in Enticing the Prince.


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