Pleasuring the Prince

Fancy Flambeau is a rising opera singer star and has caught the eye of many men who want her as their mistress. Fancy has vowed that she will not become her mother and succumb to a handsome face who wants to make her his mistress, but that is what she is in danger of doing. An admirer will make his way into her life and it is none other than a prince. Fancy puts on a brave face but each time she spends with Prince Stepan the more she falls for him. But there are other things that will also take over her thoughts, a killer who is running free and her father who has made his appearance in their lives.

Prince Stepan Karanov wanted Fancy the moment she opened her mouth and sang a song. Being a prince Stepan was used to getting his way but it was not the case with Fancy. His normal compliments would not please her as she had a quick wit and would not fall for him. Prince Stepan would not give up especially as he made it his mission to protect her from a killer that was running free.

When I had gotten Pleasuring the Prince I was pretty excited as it brings us back to the characters of the Duke of Invenery and his Duchess. They are great characters to read about and all these sisters are the by products of the Duke and his mistress (their mother Gabrielle Flambeau).

All the sisters are introduced so you get to know each one fairly well and what their special talents are which are a little out of the realm of possibility. In this first story though its all about Fancy and Prince Stepan. I liked that she kept the thought of not becoming her mother as she held out for quite a while but when a prince wants something watch out.

Our villain is a killer who stalks woman of the opera. You are given no real clue until the youngest Flambeau sister, Raven who I love, helps in the case. I can’t wait for when Grasso writes about Raven and the man she loves, which you find out about in this one. The villain was a surprise but not an overstretched one.

Throughout this story I felt that another one was being told and you were not privy to all the details and it was. Belle Flambeau will be in the next book and her story is being told at the same time as Fancy’s. So you will already know somethings that has happened to Belle but not the details.

Have to say I love the sisters. I thought they were a great touch to the story and this will help prolong Patricia Grasso’s stories with each sister having their own.


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