Seducing the Prince

Pretty much right after I finished reading To Love a Princess I started to read Seducing the Prince.

Prince Viktor Karanov hates his wife and wants a divorce as she does nothing but invite her lovers where all can see. Viktor has his own mistress only after his wife started to stray, but now thanks to a house party he will find a woman who is everything he needed. Viktor will want her but before anything could happen he finds that his wife was killed beside Regina’s husband. Their bodies will not be the last ones to show up dead.

Regina Bradford hates her husband which was no love match. He squanders her fathers money and only visits his mistress, which she is fine with her as she has no wanting of him beside her in bed. Regina will soon find herself meeting a man who could sweep her off her feet at a house party. She will be tempted by Prince Viktor as he makes her feel things she never felt before, but then tragedy strikes and dead bodies start to pile up. She and Viktor will be key suspects.

Seducing the Prince by Patricia Grasso was a very entertaining book from the Karanov series. Already knowing about the marriage of Viktor and Adele from the previous book you were hoping that Viktor would find love. I absolutely loved that Grasso made Regina to be a writer and a fan of Jane Austen. As a fan of Austen I loved how Grasso intertwined the book which Regina was writing into the pages of the book.

Within the pages of the book I found that jealousy which is a major part of Grasso books played almost a back player in the book. Of course I was not complaining as Grasso keeps it interesting with adding mystery to the pages. You wanted to know who was behind all the murders but were never sure. I had a feeling towards the middle of the book thanks to Constable Black saying never underestimate the quiet ones. This of course would alert the reader and make you think of the one person who that would be, but then the question is why would they resort to murdering these people.

Seducing the Prince keeps you involved throughout the story. Stepan’s story will be next with Fancy the opera dancer in Pleasuring the Prince.


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