The Perils of Pleasure

Since reading the second book of the Pennyroyal Green series I was able to locate the first book of the series, The Perils of Pleasure.

Colin Eversea is ready to be hanged for a crime he did not commit. For Colin it is almost as bad watching the woman he love be married to his brother. But thanks to a note Colin will be saved from the hangman only to be taken capture and ransomed.

Madeleine Greenway was ready to ransom her hostage but everything goes wrong when a gun is turned on her and her hostage saves her life. Madeleine and Colin will work together to find out who wants her dead and to right the wrong for Colin.

Going after Julie Anne Long’s first book of the series the pieces that were missing from the second book clicked into place. At first I wasn’t brought into the book right away then Colin got the message to stumble and with the action that follows I was hooked.

Long brings these characters to life with her details and the feelings these characters portray which is essential to the story. Reading the book I was on Madeleine’s side and did not want Louisa to keep Colin’s heart. Long brings it a close thing until the very end of the book. To me Long is almost more of an adventure story than romance but once she puts those scenes in there is no doubt.

Pennyroyal Green series will be one to look out for.


One thought on “The Perils of Pleasure

  1. This series is one of my favorites. Julie Anne Long is a must-buy for me.

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