The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

My book club picked The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce. From the cover it looked intriguing but probably something I would not have been drawn to pick up. Saying that I found the story very intriguing as I read. For me it reminded me of the story Big Fish in a way with the different characters he meets along the way.

The story starts off with a man Harold Fry who is a sixtieth man in a marriage where his wife, Maureen, and him do not connect. One day he gets a letter  from an old friend who was in the hospital dying. Harold wants to write her a letter but the moment he goes to mail it he decides to walk to the next mailbox. Soon Harold will find himself walking to see his friend in the hopes that she will hang on until he gets there.

As far as the story went Rachel Joyce guided the reader as they went along the journey with Harold as he met knew people along the way and discovered new things about himself. I liked that he was finding his way in the world again.

It was sweet that the wife found herself again as her husband was gone. She understood that she loved him, they became stronger and ready to find that love once again.

I will saw there is a sadness to the story not only for the friend in the hospital but how life had taken them down this path for so many years. There was a twist with the son David that I did not see coming but in hindsight it made perfect sense. For me the ending gave hope for Harold and Maureen which you needed after that long pilgrimage.


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