Wicked in Your Arms

Grier Hadley is the illegitimate daughter of Jack Hadley and for three years she has now lived with her biological father. Jack wants her married along with her sister Cleo. Grier wants that as well. Marriage to a respectable gentleman would give her a home and a future. Grier though will find herself in the Prince’s eyesight. She finds him annoying but his eyes and his touch sends shivers down her spine. She knows that she can never be queen but to feel passion Grier will make a choice.

Prince Sevastian Maksimi is in need of a wife of good standing and a large dowry. There is no love required as he is only finding a bride to make his grandfather who is sick happy. Sevestain will find one who makes his blood boil but she is not one for marriage because of her illegitimate status. Sevestain though will try to convince her to become his mistress and will succeed but feelings will start to get in the way.

Loved this story. Wicked in Your Arms was a story that pulled me in at the very beginning and only got better. This is the first book to the series Forgotten Princesses from Sophie Jordan.

She engrosses you into the story until the very end. Now the plot of a Prince coming to love a woman of lower status is not the most likely thing to happen but that is why this is a romance novel. I really liked that Jordan made Grier to be strong in her own way and practical. She wasn’t going to throw caution to the wind with a man who offered to make her his mistress, at least not right away. Sevastian is your average prince but throughout the story he changes and his own feelings come to the forefront and you see a new prince altogether.

Jordan keeps the characters interesting as through the majority of the book there are nothing but kisses, teasing and fighting feelings to entice the reader to keep going. Also there is a hidden villain. You have the normal society who are cruel to those weaker or with a scandal attached to their name but there will be a villain you don’t see coming. Well if I thought about it yes you could have guessed but I was very much into the story.

Cleo Hadley will be next to marry to abide her fathers wishes in Lessons From a Scandalous Bride.


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