The Healing

Taking a break from the romance novels my book club got us to read a book from Jonathan O’Dell who wrote The Healing. We read this a month ago but I found myself thinking how to write this post.

The concept of the story is about the life and workings that goes on on a plantation. The story is primarily around Granada who was a little slave girl. She was almost as a pet to the master’s wife. Granada grew up in the world of the white class but could never find a place that was hers. At twelve she is sent from the house as an assistant to a medicine woman. Life will only be more complicated to this little girl as she tries to find where she belongs.

The story itself was good, it was certainly different from what I have read before and O’Dell gives a very good detail on the time back then. He wrote very enriched characters especially Polly who was the medicine woman. The part I was not a fan of at times was Granada who rebelled against her own but that is because she thinks the white woman is her friend and will still protect her. Throughout the story she has the same outlook as she did as a little girl. She does grow and understand but for me you don’t really connect at times with Granada.

What I did find interesting was the twist at the end of the story which gave it a true ending. O’Dell writes in an insightful way which will have you enjoying the book. With most of my books I tend to stay more towards the female authors, so this was a nice change. I usually navigate towards female authors as most romance authors are woman so its always nice to read from other authors you wouldn’t have normally gone to.


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