To Catch a Countess

After revisiting the second book to the Douglas Trilogy series I was quick to start turning the pages of the third and final book, To Catch a Countess, of the series.

Victoria Douglas is looking forward to be the wife of Alexander once she gets over her embarrassment with being the last to know. But that is not the only thing Victoria is thriving to accomplish as a reading problem has created her to be self conscious and thought to be stupid. She will strive to become smarter to please her husband but soon will find that she is not the only one who wants to please him. Victoria will fight the love she carries but will only fall on deaf ears.

Alexander Emerson wanted to redeem himself for what his family had done to the Douglas’s. He agreed to a betrothal with Victoria but soon found that she was not one to sit and take orders. Alexander knew he would tame her and did as he seduced her again and again. But life is all not easy especially as Alexander found he loved his wife and obstacles kept pushing them apart making him act rashly.

First all I want it stated that I was very much entranced with the story Patricia Grasso wrote. She has a way to tell a story and to interweave those tormenting scenes of love that you don’t want to read but can’t get enough of especially of the young heroine Victoria. I loved Victoria’s character she was something different and Grasso really played out her innocence in the book which was sweet. So saying all that I was shocked how much cruelty laid in these pages. Alexander for me is the most despicable character so far of Grasso’s hero’s and is almost villain like. He hurts her with every action and every word all because he is too prideful to listen to her. Grasso has often had Aunt Roxie say to her nieces to watch what a man does not what he says, well in this case it seems that our hero doesn’t care if he hurts the woman he loves.

What I didn’t understand was how the family acted at times as no one really defended Victoria until the very end. The fiery tendencies the sisters had were almost gone since their marriages. I didn’t like how meek they were almost. Finally at the end it does improve.

Grasso does write a happy ending but waits until the very end. I appreciated that Grasso didn’t make him the villain he seemed to be portraying, but honestly at the end of the book I hoped that Victoria would make Alexander suffer. She does but really she took him back rather quickly.

Nevertheless as I stated I really liked this book and will be venturing on to Patricia Grasso’s next set of books with the Karanov.


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