To Tempt an Angel

Continuing on with Patricia Grasso I have found my way to the series Douglas Trilogy. A couple of years ago I read the second book to this series but I was never able to read the rest. Now with To Tempt an Angel in my hands I get to know Angelica and Robert.

Angelica Douglas needs to feed her family which is why she carries loaded dice. Angelica uses her dice to cheat men out of their money but she does not want just anyone’s money. She wants revenge on a select few who ruined her family and left them to poverty. Angelica will find help in the form of Robert Roy but she will find it hard to trust a man who has only lied to her from the very start.

Robert Campbell, Marquess of Argyll has seen an angel. He follows her and assists her not knowing at first of the resentment she holds for his father. Robert will find a way seducing her and helping her with the revenge plot only hoping to make her his mistress but all is not to be as the situation becomes chaotic with his father intervening and assassin attempts.

Personally when starting out in To Tempt an Angel I was immediately confused. Not because of the plot as Grasso delivers it perfectly but to the character of Robert. I remembered reading about the Campbell’s who resided in Scotland in the Devereux series. I knew I didn’t remember Magnus having a son named Robert. Quickly I found what I was looking for, the year these novels were being written about. There is a three hundred difference between the two series which now made sense. Grasso is continuing the line of these families but bringing them to the 1800’s instead of the 1500’s. Once that was solved I was quickly immersed into the story. Angelica was a angel to be sure but one that had a little bite to her thanks to how she had to survive. Robert was a man who was haunted by his past but chose most times to ignore it.

The pages sizzle between the two but there is also laughter and betrayal that comes when the two meet on the page. Along with the Grasso’s main characters she gives the other two sisters to make a name for themselves so the reader will know who they are. Samantha and Victoria will be in the second and third book. For the older generation we had the older Duke Magnus and Aunt Roxie of the girls who only added flavor to the book.

With most historical romances a villain will start to make their way known to the main characters. Grasso will create several villain and rivals throughout the story. You are left guessing why and who the true villains are at least until the end. Grasso gives us a twist at the end with a supposed villain which will certainly set the next book up and possibly follow through to the third.


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