Rules to Catch a Devilish Duke

Sophia White is an illegitimate daughter of a duke. She has known her status all her life and has found a place for her at the club but now it is all being taken away from her. Sophia will do what her father has order her to do, marry a vicar in the country, so the club would not go under as he would do everything in his power to make it happen. But before Sophia walks the aisle she will find herself invited to a country house Christmas party. She will go to the party knowing she is to cause a stir but wants one grand Christmas before she gives up her freedom.

Duke of Greaves, Adam is throwing a Christmas party. His list of people he invited have been picked all with a reason. The gaggle of girls were picked for his up coming nuptials while his notorious friends are there to cause a stir especially Sophia White. But as luck would have it snow creates a problem and only Sophia will make it on time for the party. Adam will find it hard to leave her side for those days or her bed as they have found friendship, but Adam will still have to find a bride.

This is a very new series to Suzanne Enoch and since reading the first two I am hooked. Rules to Catch a Devilish Duke is one book you will not want to put downI loved this book.

Sophia was a character who did not fit the mold. She was a illegitimate daughter but she had an education. She was not a virgin and took charge of her life. Adam was a rake through and through but did not want to end up like his father. He acted like most but was not as crass as everyone thought he was. Enoch does a wonderful job at changing him throughout the book into the man you wanted him to be.

This book certainly puts the focus on the status of people born in the right ones and the ones who break society rules. I liked that the characters became friends there was something heartwarming about that and it makes you cheer for them to have a chance. I found it interesting that the plot stayed out of the club on this one but it was never out of your thoughts. I did miss the interaction of the club throughout the novel but it looks like Enoch will have it back with Emily in the fourth book. Sadly though Emily’s story will have to wait until next year but I suppose that will give me time to read more of Suzanne Enoch’s stories.


4 thoughts on “Rules to Catch a Devilish Duke

  1. We are on the same page with this one, Gayle. I’ll have a review posted next Monday. I can’t wait for more from Suzanne Enoch.

    • I will definitely look for the review Dot. This is truly a fantastic series. Have you read more on Suzanne Enoch? I am going to be looking for more on her books and have read the Scandalous series of course, and Before the Scandal and The Rake. If so, what novel or certain series would you recommend?

      • SIN AND SENSIBILITY got my top rating of 5. A MATTER OF SCANDAL was also a good read and I’ve just finished this newest series ( THE SCANDALOUS BRIDES). She has a long back list so we won’t run out of titles to read. I may head to my local paperback exchange store and see if I can find some older titles.

      • Thanks for the suggestions. I remember reading Sin and Sensibility review from your site which did sound really good.
        Oh good you finished. Wasn’t the last book, Rules to Catch a Devilish Duke amazing! I can’t wait for her next book. Until then we will have to wait but you are right that we wouldn’t be lacking books from her.

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