My Heart’s Desire

Blythe Devereux will now close the series to an end in My Heart’s Desire.

Blythe Devereux has been in love with one man all her life. He broke her heart at thirteen but now she has a chance at nineteen to be his wife. Blythe will marry Roger and save his life with the contract. She will be determined to win her husbands heart but will find many obstacles along the road.

Roger Debrett, Earl of Eden will never marry again that is until he is faced with no chance of freedom from the Tower or seeing his daughter. Roger will marry Blythe but will refuse to bed her and will annul her the moment the murderer is caught. Roger though will find this to be difficult as his wife will be bent on seducing him and letting herself in his heart.

Patricia Grasso brings Richard and Keely’s family back with the oldest daughter rescuing and marrying the only man she ever loved. I was excited to read about Blythe as I had previously heard about her in the fifth book. Grasso brings many characters back and uses them once again which is hard at times to keep track. Leaving me with only one solution, which is to write down the main characters who go along with the books I am reading.

I liked that Blythe was not a simpering girl who got overly jealous of the mistress that Robert once had. She went on offense but kept strong. Grasso made Robert’s character to be very non-trusting especially of his wife. I liked that he was actually faithful and didn’t carry on with those woman while being married. You feel more for the character even if he is cruel with his words.

The villain was right in front of your face the whole time and Grasso delivers a twist at the end that leads to the motive of the villain.

My Heart’s Desire was a way to finish this series. I have chosen the Douglas Trilogy to be next as these books follow Grasso’s chronological order of publishing, and of course I will keep my list of characters handy.


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