Love in a Mist

Keely Glendower has just lost her mother and is now in search of her father who abandoned them eighteen years ago. She traveled with her two cousins only to have the door closed on her face by her half sister. Keely though would not give up meeting her father. She will find that all is not lost as she will be accepted into the family but more is to come especially as the prophecy her mother told her was coming true.

Richard Devereux wants a wife and heir so he can go to Ireland. He sets his mind on a daughter of an earl but soon he will change his mind when he sees a Welsh beauty. Richard will find out that this beauty is the Duke’s other daughter but still he set his mind that she would be his wife. Richard will though be dumbfounded as she does not swoon at his smoldering looks. They will be married but wedded bliss will not be easy for Richard as his wife test him with her beliefs.

The fourth book of the Deveraux series is Love in a Mist. I was definitely interested in this book as now the only brother of this family was having his chance in the novels. What surprised me was Patricia Grasso goes a little supernatural with the story. The supernatural though was not in your face making this a true paranormal romance. Grasso subtly inserts Keely’s pagan beliefs but these details bring life to Keely’s character and intrigue as her mother gave her a prophecy of her future husband. Now Richard was definitely the opposite of Keely. She was everything naive and sweet while Richard was a seducer at heart but of course the differences made the book enjoyable to read as they did not have the most perfect first meeting.

Aside from the characters Grasso continues to write her plots with several twists which in this case were delivered early on in the book. Her twist kept you thinking what would happen when the secret would be revealed. Another surprise was the villain. The villain was revealed early on as their thoughts were spoken and of course through Keely’s feelings.

The fifth book will be going back to the MacArthur’s in Courting an Angel.


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