Desert Eden

Heather Devereux is sailing away to meet and marry her French husband. She follows her families wishes but has no liking to her betrothed and longs for adventure. Soon she will find herself with all the adventure she will be able to handle as the ship is taken over by foreign warriors and Heather and her cousin are taken captive. Heather will find herself in a strange land, no family, and a slave to a Ottoman Prince. She will fight with all her strength but will soon find the adventure she has craved with the Prince.

Prince Khalid Beg is known as the “Sultan’s Beast”. His fierce fighting abilities and scar has proven his name and those around him cower in fear. But soon Khalid will find one woman who does not look upon his face in disgust. Thanks to his men he is given a new slave who is the answer for his revenge. He will use Heather and humiliate her in order to teach her obedience but when he is about to be rid of his slave Khalid will rethink getting rid of this woman.

The third book of the Deveraux series is Desert Eden and it was a whole new adventure from Patricia Grasso. So far the sisters of the Deveraux series have been fantastic. Grasso keeps them strong and not wilting flowers when they have to fight. Heather continues the theme of disobedience even more than her sisters making the story very entertaining to read.

Prince Khalid was a character that developed well. You disliked his cruel behavior of Heather in the beginning but throughout the book he changed. She developed that change really well. I liked that she built in the past for both Heather and Khalid that brought them closer together healing each other. Grasso keeps most of the book series with attacks on the sultan or Heather’s dreams but there are comical times especially with Heather’s tactics of disobedience.

The side characters of course were well developed. I especially liked Khalid’s mother. I disliked her but as she was kept in the picture she became a much stronger character and one you wanted to read about. At first I thought she was going to play a villain but that thought had been wrong. The main villain you will know but there are surprises on who are the other villains.

Richard Devereux will now have his chance next in Love in a Mist. 


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