Taming an Impossible Rogue

Lady Camille Pryce made a decision to runaway not walk down the aisle  She could not live with a man who had not bothered to say one word to her in her twenty one years of life. Camille found hope in a gaming club where she worked and for over a year she was happy but now her heart is in trouble as she meets a man. That is before she finds out that this man is her fiancees cousin and he has been sent to retrieve her.

Keating Blackwood did not like his cousin but for ten thousand pounds he would do as he asked. Keating needed the money but when he meets with Camille and interacts he is finding this more difficult than expected. But Keating had a mission and that was to provide for the woman he ruined and his son, no woman would stop him even if he was falling for her.

Taming an Impossible Rogue was a fantastic sequel to the series Scandalous Brides. After reading the first book of the series I knew now what to expect. I liked the characters of Camille and Keating as everything they said was honest. There was no lying that hurt each other at least that was true except for feelings they felt for one another.

The book was a very quick read and of course I only hoped for the perfect outcome but Suzanne Enoch keeps you biting your nails until the very end. There will be a twist that you didn’t see coming and only will be revealed at the end when all is about to be given up. There is definite satisfaction for the annoying fiancee Fenton that readers will laugh. Another character is the Duke of Greaves or Adam will be playing more of a part and will have his story told next.


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