At Last

Amy Michaels is the bad girl of Lucky Harbor. Garbed in black military boots she serves food as a waitress at the Eat Me dinner and doesn’t let anyone get close to her. But one person gets to her, the local forest ranger who makes her blood sizzle. Amy brushes him off but one night in the forest will change everything.

Matt Bowers has had several jobs in his life but now he has settled in Lucky Harbor as a forest ranger. He takes his job serious especially when hikers are lost or hurt. Matt will find pleasure in this rescue as Amy, the one girl he had been lusting after, is in trouble. He will rescue her and things will start to take a turn as Matt will find out he is not invisible to Amy.

At Last the fifth book of Lucky Harbor series was a really fantastic book to read. I think Jill Shalvis wrote a really well character development that blended very well into the plot.

I loved Amy’s character. She was one you wanted to cheer for as you discovered the hard life that she had lived and survived. You wanted her to take the chance and become the good girl with Matt. I liked the role reversal as Amy was now in the hot seat and had to learn to be a good girl instead of the bad girl. Matt was a great character as his harden past made him slow to trust but irresistible. You wanted him though at times to give Amy a chance and really let her in just as she needed to let him in.

I loved Riley’s character as she was a younger Amy. You immediately wanted someone to help the girl and I was thrilled that Matt and Amy were the ones to try and help. Shalvis also expanded more on the lovable characters of Lucky Harbor but I do miss the sisters involvement in the story.

Grace will be next when she finally finds a job with Josh.


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