A Beginners Guide to Rakes

Diane, Lady Cameron is back in London after three years in Vienna. Left penniless and jilted by two men in her life Diane became hard and determined to survive. Her goal was to open a gaming club where woman ran the club and only the most exclusive men were entered. Diane though would need help to finance the club and that left her only to one man who hurt her the most.

Oliver Warren is an accomplished gambler and lives freely enjoying what is to offer but when he is blackmailed he is furious, a little intrigued. His blackmailer was no other than the woman he fled from two years ago. He watched in curiosity as she said her plan and Oliver agreed. Soon he finds himself in the same situation two years ago but this time she is not the young girl but a determined colder woman.

A Beginners Guide to Rakes by Suzanne Enoch is the first book of the series Scandalous Brides. I have only read a couple books from Suzanne Enoch and have certainly enjoyed them. The title of the book is what drew me to it. Firstly when I read the back I was intrigued but wasn’t sure how I would like it.

After I concluded that this series is something I haven’t really read before, a woman owning and operating an established gaming club, not a brothel. I liked the plot and it was a book you wanted to keep reading even if it was a tough read as it was not your average romance novel. There were no young lovers only hated rivals cursing each other at every turn.

Personally I thought the two main characters were almost like villains in the book. That was my first thought as they were not very nice but then Enoch reveals what they are thinking and why they are acting as such. You are brought into the characters life’s and want more for them.

I liked that Diane was strong enough to continue on the venture but you wanted to shake her to trust that Oliver had changed that is once you were certain he had. Now that is the romance reader in me as I like everything to have a happy ending, and Enoch does provide. The ending though takes its time to get to that point with some very good teamwork of the two characters as they are working together to get rid of the bigger problem.

I am interested in how Enoch will continue this series and which girl in need of help will be next.


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