Highland Belle

Brigette Devereux was ready to get married but she thought her groom would have had the decency to be there for the wedding. Brigette was forced to marry by proxy with her groom’s brother but she would not take that laying down. Brigette will soon runaway from her new family only to come across a stranger who captivates her interest. Little does she know this is her husband.  Wedding bliss will not be immediate for the pair as once they come to the MacArthur land trouble will not be far behind.

Lord Iain MacArthur came upon his brother expecting to find his bride only to discover she has disappeared. Iain will travel to find his bride and will but will take this time to disguise his identity to learn more about Brigette. Iain will win his brides heart but it will take time and understanding as they work together to trust one another. Of course trust will be hard to do when there are several obstacles which will be placed in their way.

Going on to my next series of Patricia Grasso I was able to find her very first book, Highland Belle, of her first series Deveraux. As a first book this was fantastic. There is a lot of fire between the characters that makes this book entertaining. In Highland Belle there is not so much betrayal but lack of trust. Half the time I was shaking the book hoping the characters would trust each other truly.

Both characters of Brigette and Iain were fiery in the book making their story that more interesting to read. There was also I think for both a sense of naivete that Grasso gives them. They were naive for different reasons but it made you like them all the more.

Grasso has many side characters going on with their own parts that really added to the story so it was not just Brigette and Iain’s. I loved the family of Black Jack and Percy. Magnus was a nice touch in the story as well I liked how he played the knight in Brigette’s situations.

The villain was told as he is an enemy of the clan but there is another who is Antonia. You will know she is a schemer the moment she arrives on the page. Throughout the story I truly disliked this woman and was happy that justice was served.

Patricia Grasso gives a solid happy ending for the couple which left you satisfied. Kathryn the eldest sister is up next.


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