Gone Girl

Book clubs have now given me a chance to stop reading the romance novels which I find addicting and find a new genre that is just as compelling to read.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn was the latest book recommended and read. First reaction to the two woman who run the group is what were they thinking! I held the book, gripping the pages in frustration and taken back by every horrible thing that happened in this book. I have never read a book that was was such a thriller of sick and twisted characters. Gone Girl was a completely new experience for me.

Once we had the book club meeting I had a little time to digest the book which to me was controversial in the meeting. We had tons to talk about and although many agreed on big parts of the books there were the characters actions that lead us to discussion. So before I go crazy here is what the story is about:

Amy Dunne and Nick Dunne were married but certainly not happily married. There were normal martial problems but to the outside world life was perfect between the couple. Then one day Amy goes missing. Nick is the first suspect and he has to scramble to prove that he is innocent, but with more time that his wife is missing his innocence is in trouble.

So there is much more to the story but you can’t reveal too much as it would give things away. Gillian Flynn will create a whole new development that will change your outlook on the characters and what truly happened.

Once I was at the book club I was able to truly look at the characters differently with new perspectives. Of course I still thought that this was the most sick and twisted book I have read, but the character development was amazing. You hated, despised, and for some wanted to like these characters. For me I almost didn’t finish the book but as I had completed 90% of the book I had to finish it. The ending spoke volumes to me but it was certainly no happy ending.

If you do pick up the book take a look at the author as you finish the book. She looks sweet and innocent. You question how she could create such a dark twisted story. (Most of my book club commented on this)

So if you decide to take a risk and try this psychological thriller remember Gone Girl is no fairy tale.


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