To Tame a Duke

Lily Hawthorne is a spy for her country. She is proud to do something that helps America and her brother and her fiance. But now she is in trouble. Lily along with her little brother Michael will be taken by an Englishman as he thinks she caused his brothers death. Lily will fight the entire time but feelings of longing for her abductor will have her questioning what she wants.

James Armstrong, fourteenth Duke of Kinross is bent on having his revenge for his brother who was killed by the Gilded Lily. James will be shocked to find that the spy is a woman but nevertheless he will take her and have a new type of revenge on her. The same action will cause James to find himself not so immune to this woman.

To Tame a Duke is the last book of the Duke’s Trilogy series. I thought it was interesting that in the second book you hear about the married couple James and Lily but in the third book they are having their own story. For me this was great as Patricia Grasso keeps her characters and plot interesting with betrayals that only hurt each other. So I knew the outcome for the characters making it easier to read as there would be a happy ending.

I do like that Grasso makes her characters usually at odds but with strong passions that always lead to love with a few hurtles to jump over, this was the same for To Tame a Duke. I did think it was inventive for Lily to be a spy using her unique abilities to remember. James was gallant at times but mostly being a jackass as he wanted to break Lily down.

Now finishing the series I am contemplating which one to go for next. To prolong Patricia Grasso I might even take a small break from her. I suppose only time will tell which one I will choose and when as its the library I will be waiting on to receive the books from other libraries.

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