No Decent Gentleman

Continuing on the Duke’s Trilogy I picked up the next book to the series No Decent Gentleman.

Sabrina Savage and her sister have just gone through a tragedy with their father being murdered. In the eyes of the law it was viewed as a suicide but Sabrina knew better. She will find the help in her fathers friend and that man’s nephew. Sabrina will accept that help but will soon find out that is not all they will be after.

Adam St. Aubyn is here to collect what belongs to him and that is Sabrina his princess. Adam will gain her trust with helping her find out who killed her father but he is still not being truthful to her. He will find himself fighting back only to loose her more.

I liked No Decent Gentleman. Patricia Grasso keeps you on your toes with the plot and characters dynamics. I liked Sabrina’s fire that Grasso writes for her and Adam’s conviction in his own beliefs. Of course throughout the book you wanted to hit him in the head for he kept lying to Sabrina.

In this book I found that there was a lot of deceit with the couple, Adam and Sabrina. Grasso kept throwing in twists with their identities, the circumstances and the outcome. All the surprises kept you guessing which was fun to do as you read along. She did the same for the villain of the story. I wasn’t completely sure who the villain was but once the story was finished I remembered the details that Grasso had subtly placed into the pages.

No Decent Gentleman does have a happy ending which for me was needed. The last book, To Tame a Duke, is next. Can’t wait to finish the trilogy.


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