Highland Wolf

Now even though Highland Wolf did not bring in more of the Murray family Howell did bring back James. He is adopted by Eric Murray and Bethia Drummond (Jame’s half sister) and first mentioned in Hannah Howell’s third book Highland Promise. I was excited to read about James as he was taking us back to the original brothers.

Annora MacKay wants to leave her home as it is more like a prison but she stays for one person. Annora would do anything to protect Meggie, a five year old and supposed daughter of the laird. Annora knows the wrath of her cousin and she knows soon her fate will be sealed until a handsome woodcarver comes her way.

James Drummond wants his land back and his daughter. He poses as a woodcarver but will find an obstacle with Annora. He will soon find her a woman who could easily entice him. James will not resist desire for long as feelings get in the way. Now he must find a way for revenge all the while protecting his daughter and Annora.

From the last book which was alright to this I was happy to be brought back into the series. The characters were thought out and engaging throughout the book. The addition of Meggie was a nice touch. She gave the story a heartwarming feeling and something for the characters to protect from the villain. I really liked the little twist which Howell gives involving the crime James had supposedly committed.

Highland Wolf has brought back my interest in the series and I am eager to continue reading who Hannah Howell will write about next.

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