How to Ravish a Rake

Going after the third book, How to Ravish a Rake, I was excited to finally pick it up and find out about Amy and Will.

Amy Hardwick knew that this was the last year she could look for love and marriage. Her only suitor was a vicar whom she did not want to be settled with. Amy set her mind out and decided to change her fate with her gown designs that she reluctantly sold. She became fashionable and more confident through each drawing coming to life. Amy though was still cautious especially with Will. She didn’t trust him but soon found herself compromised and married to the rake. Amy wanted love and will find herself in love with her husband as she gets to know him but knows he does not feel the same.

Will “The Devil” Darcett knew trouble was coming his way when he lost a large blunt at gambling. To avoid telling his brother he sought an heiress and he focused in on Amy, but when it came to that time he changed his mind. Will didn’t want to compromise Amy but sooner than later they will find themselves leg shackled. Will figured they would have a marriage at a far but with a wager he is drawn to Amy and the pleasure in her arms.

Vicky Dreiling writes a really well written story in How to Ravish a Rake that I had to finish in one sitting. Her characters, plot and wit bring life to the pages.

Amy was a fantastic character and excellent wallflower who has now burst from the wall. She was strong on her own at least when it came to her designs. For her self confidence not so much but she was gaining that as well.

Now Will I didn’t really remember too much with him but it kind of makes sense as his own family makes light of him and often forget certain things regarding him. I liked that Dreiling didn’t make him quite the scoundrel it was apparent he was going to be especially when it came to compromising Amy.

The novel was well worth the wait.


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