Twice Fallen

For curiosity sake I went in search of Emma Wildes as I saw the second book from the series Ladies in Waiting was available to check out. Remembering that I did enjoy the first book I wanted to read it right away but first reread One Whisper Away just to refresh my memory. Its been about a year since reading the book and with so many books its sometimes hard to keep track. Once I refreshed my memory I sat back and started Twice Fallen.

Lady Lillian Bourne was cautious of most things she did which would result in another scandal. It was something she did not want to endure, but then again being trapped in a library with a stranger had an appeal to it. Lilly will come face to face with Lord Damien who will help assist her out of her jam as well making her very aware of his presence and one she wouldn’t forget.

Lord Damien Northfield is a retired spy but not for long. He will be helping out a friend with a problem that is if he can keep focus with Lilly wandering around. She was a woman that intrigued him and one he wanted to know more in every way. Damien will lead Lilly to his path every chance he gets but things will get tricky when she is a target.

Twice Fallen was a charming, delightful and sensual sequel for the Ladies in Waiting series. Emma Wildes will keep your attention with the two captivating characters of Damien and Lilly. Lilly I couldn’t wait to read about as she was a contradiction at times with being protective and quiet while standing up to her brother. Damien of course was the knight in shinning armor. The spy business gave him more allure and intrigue to the plot.

Now their story is not the only one being told. James, the cousin of Lilly, will also take a leading role along with the woman he loves Regina. The two side characters, James and Regina, could have easily had their own story as Wildes creates them to be very engaging. James is the ultimate gentleman but has a sensual side especially with a woman like Regina. Now Regina was a brazen woman well at least on the outside. I liked how Wildes gave Regina the back story to have molded her in the woman she is. You feel for the hurt and sensual woman.

Throughout the story the idea of the villain is the person who is blackmailing certain people. Wildes gives the reader an idea who the villain is but it is only revealed at the end when disaster almost hits.

I am definitely interested in how many more books Wildes will continue with this series Ladies in Waiting especially now that the Dowager of Eddington is on the job of matchmaking.


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