Before the Scandal

Society loves a scandal as long as it is not about them. Colonel Phineas Bromley ran away from his scandal. But now he is back thanks to his sisters pleading letter but all is not what she wrote it to be. Phin will find his brother is not on death’s door but their land is on the road to be destroyed, and he finds a certain girl who turned into a beautiful woman.

Alyse Donnelly has lead a dreadful life since her parents death. On her own would have been a kinder fate but she has to deal with her cousin and Aunt who despises her. Alyse is lonely and is then thrilled to see Phin. Hoping for some companionship Alyse will find much more. She will be caught up in sabotage and with a man who could easily break her heart.

After trying out one of  Suzanne Enoch’s books in the series Lessons of Love I wanted to immediately pick another book of that series. But of course I ventured away from the author for a little while. Now going back I went and found Enoch’s series the Notorious Gentlemen. Before the Scandal is the second book to the series and it will immediately bring you into the story. You will not have to read the first book to understand as there are reoccurring characters but each book is it’s own separate story.

This book was really just an entertaining book to read with all the sabotage which held the book together. The character’s of the Bromley and Donnelly family were all well written and had their own dynamics which were kept separate but balanced each other very well.

Phin and Alyse work well together as each are trying to cure their loneliness. I liked the fire which Alyse had and Phin’s ability to be sneaky to save those around him.

The villains in the story were predictable but I liked how Enoch was able to unravel why they were the villains.

I can’t wait to read more of her books.


One thought on “Before the Scandal

  1. I am fairly new to Suzanne Enoch’s books but have enjoyed what I’ve read so far. I’ll keep this one in mind. thanks,Gayle.

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