Highland Angel

Sir Payton Murray is a man who is easy going and one to look at. Most woman he has come across wouldn’t mind a night in his arms. Payton was about to enjoy another night when a woman in rags interrupted him. Payton is intrigued by the woman’s pleads and soon will be immersed in the horrific situation that she is tangled in.

Kirstie MacIye was able to survive the drowning her husband was giving her. She had to survive to protect the other children from a far worst fate. Sir Payton was to be her knight to help her and the children, and she will not be disappointed. Together they will forge in stopping her husband from hurting another soul.

As I continue the Murray Family series I am sucked in more and more. You fall for the characters and how Hannah Howell interweaves a story. Now in Highland Angel I was furious as I read it as its a tough subject when you are reading about little children being hurt. Of course Howell will give you justice for those who have been hurt with the villain getting his own form of justice.

I loved Payton and Kristie’s character. They meshed well together. I loved that Payton was easy going but once you got him going he would be fierce. Kristie was blood thirsty when protecting the children and I loved it. You wanted to see her fight for what was right and to succeed.

Through reading the story there was a boy named Simon and I wondered if he is the one from Highland Protector. Nevertheless if its not she still does a good job keeping the characters involved through the series and its fun to read once again about a character you only heard about.

Can’t wait for the next novel with the Murray family.

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