Cowboys Like Us

Once again I am reading a series out of order. I found the fourth book, Cowboys Like Us, of the series Sons of Chance from Vicki Lewis Thompson and read it after the fifth and sixth one. Luckily Thompson’s books are pretty easy to follow. The only problem that occurred was the plot was after Alex and Tyler’s wedding. Alex and Tyler’s story was the fifth. I think that the ordering of books messed up on the website I checked out, but as I already read about the couple there was no real problem.

Logan Carswell has now been forced to retire early in his baseball career as a knee injury has dubbed him incapable of playing. He is here to start a new and wouldn’t mind to get to know Caro at the same time.

Carolyn “Caro” Davis is a bartender at the local bar and good at her job. She will soon find the one thing she was missing in her life and he just walked into the bar.

Another book that will get you hot and bothered which I tend to think that is just how the series is made to be. Of course one look at the book cover and there is not real doubt. Each book for the series is zoomed in on a very chiseled cowboy either shirtless or showing enough skin to keep you invested. And yes the cover is what first got my attention to the series.

Thompson keeps it light and simple in the plot as the previous stories of the series. The theme of the books really has been all about sex and Thompson keeps it steamy with the two characters indulging in their own sexual desires with each other.


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