Animal Magnetism

Growing up in a small town of Sunshine, Idaho Lilah Young had a routine and it did not have her crashing into a truck. Or meeting a hunk that she can’t stop staring at. Lilah will soon be bumping into Brady more and more as he stays to help his two friends. She will find that she needs to have more from Brady and will end up taking more, but not opening her heart.

Brady Miller is a pilot for hire and likes his life but things are about to change. Getting rear ended was a new experience but not as strange as seeing a duck on a leash. Brady is stunned by Lilah who helps these animals. His first instinct is to run as he is one for leaving but soon he finds it harder and harder to leave.

Animal Magnetism is the first book of Jill Shalvis’s new series Animal Magnetism. With Shalvis you know what to expect with steamy, funny scenes and a plot you just can’t get enough.

First thought of the series was I wanted more! Shalvis is usually an author I want to read and after reading this book it confirmed it once again. Shalvis creates a fantastic bunch of characters who I could easily see each having their own book contributed to the series, which she is making it happen.

The character of Lilah was a breath of fresh air. She was outspoken and hurt at the same time. I liked that she was emotional when it came to the animals. She took them in and gave them a home.

I loved Brady, the hard loving man/pilot who doesn’t care about anyone (except his foster brothers even if he doesn’t want to admit it). He will fall hard for Lilah but it wouldn’t be overnight.

Having the animals in the story made it sweeter and added humor to the characters lives. What I did not expect to find was the surprise relationship that Brady already had in this small town (his foster brothers Adam and Dell). That surprise kept you involved in the story and closer to his character as you got to know more about him.

After reading Animal Magnetism I couldn’t wait to find out who would be the next one to find that pull. Would it be Dell, Adam, Jade, or Holly?

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