Smart and Sexy

Noah Fisher loves his job but he is now going for a break, a long over due break. There is a hitch in his plans when he is held at gun point in his cockpit. Noah is stupefied that Bailey is doing this. He is able to get away but something is holding him back, he needs to help Bailey.

Bailey Sinclair needs to get to her location and she knew that Noah would be able to do the job. She did not like doing this to Noah but he was her only shot as they were after her and the money she needed to find. Bailey though will get side tracked as she and Noah are thrust together in a tight spot and lust will win out.

Smart and Sexy is the first book of Jill Shalvis’s series Sky High Air. The title says it all for the first book of the series. Shalvis will have you begging quickly for Noah and Bailey to find a way together through all the mess that starts on the first page.

This was a fast pace book that kept going with the action of the thugs and the mystery where the money was hidden. I liked that the character of Bailey was strong and kept going even when the situation seemed impossible. Noah was the heartthrob you wanted to see find peace of mind and joy, in the form of Bailey of course.

Now with the book going fast there is no lack of passion that Shalvis writes between the two lead characters, they started out with fire and kept going until the very end.

I liked how Shalvis added in the two friends of Noah who worked at Sky High, who had each other’s backs. You get a sense of who they are before they each have their own story.

Will definitely be checking out the other two books from Sky High Air.


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