Viscount Rohan, Francis, is known as Heavenly Host which is know for debauchery and non stop sex. Francis has become bored with the normal routine which is why he is intrigued with Elinor. She comes into the pits of hell looking like an innocent lamb and he knew he would have her. Francis will go after her but there will be trouble following her and he will be caught in this web.

Elinor Harriman knew she had to find her mother before all their money was gone. She followed her into the pits of hell only to encounter the Heavenly Host. She wanted to be rid of him and to have nothing to do with him but there is something there. Elinor will be forced to endure his presence as he will be butting in, but when she finds herself without a home she will accept his contract. Elinor will find herself in the arms of the Heavenly Host with a new danger lurking around the corner.

I was appalled throughout most of this book, not in hate or wanting to throw the book down but out of frustration. Ruthless by Anne Stuart is not a bad book quite the opposite. I liked this book a lot. It was not a love story. There was betrayal, mystery and a lot of shock value for the character Elinor.

Throughout the most of the book I was frustrated as the plot kept going from bad to worse in regards to Francis’s character. You loved to hate the Viscount as he was a heartless man as the Heavenly Host. You hoped he would find love with Elinor but it kept being a game for him. He hurt her so many times through his words that you wanted to hate him. Of course I kept reading because even though you hate him most of the time he does something out of character to lure you back.

Elinor’s character had you begging for a happy ending. After all that she went through that was all you hoped for. I was frustrated at her interaction with the Viscount because at times you wanted her to find bliss in his arms, but most times  you just wanted her to fight back. I loved her protectiveness of her sister and her relentlessness of doing what she needed to do.

Stuart will get you involved with the characters with their past that is intertwined within the story. She also keeps the side characters alive with their own voice through the story. I liked how the villain of the story was not known, it was not Francis’s even though he acts like one, you are given clues but do not know until the very end.

There is also a very present passion that is filled throughout the story. It is filled with sex from the side of the Heavenly Host. It is gritty because of that and shapes Francis’s character.

Even though this book did take longer to read and was frustrating with the amount of cruelty I am intrigued to know more. Anne Stuart has several more books out for the series and it looks to be of Francis’s family.

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