Like No Other Lover

Julie Anne Long was an author I read a review on but did not try until now. At my library the only one available was Like No Other Lover, which is the second book to the Pennyroyal Green series.

Cynthia Brightly was looking for a match and with her looks it would be easy or so she thought. With little left to her name she came to a country party and would not leave until she had found a husband. But the heir Miles was going to be a problem. She knew he would never go for her but Cynthia felt a draw to him that overwhelmed her.

Miles Redmond was now the heir thanks to his brother disappearing. He was now told to find a wife and he was doing so with his fathers closest friends daughter but then Cynthia made her appearance again. He had wanted her when he first saw her but he was a lowly second son. He knew that they would not be able to marry but Miles found himself staring off into her blue eyes wishing something completely different.

Stepping into the novel I felt I was missing something with the older brother and this outstanding feud with this other family. So with those two things in the back of my mind it took me a few more pages to connect with the characters, but once you do its smooth sailing.

The main character Cynthia I almost wanted to dislike at first but then you were given insight to the person she was and how she came to be. Suddenly I wanted to cheer for her and for her to find that happiness she deserved.

The other main character Miles I liked from the beginning but I had wondered about him. I did not want him to fall in the traps of marriage to a young woman or in the clutches of one who was already married. The two together, Miles and Cynthia, seemed wrong but worked just right once they were able to talk and not judge.

Julie Anne Long keeps you waiting for the two characters to come together. I felt it was a little long in some parts but I knew that was so the scene would be built up and so the characters could shine. I liked that the book surrounded a stay at a country visit as it kept the book in one place in time.

Reading Like No Other Lover left me wanting to read more on the Pennyroyal Green series to find out more. This time I will start with the first book.


6 thoughts on “Like No Other Lover

  1. As you probably know, Julie Anne Long is one of my favorite HR authors. I love this series and all her books. They are on my keeper shelf.

    • I do know Dot as your review was the one I read :). I definitely liked her book and will be trying more.

      • Gayle, I just saw that Julie Anne Long’s THE PERILS OF PLEASURE (first in the Pennyroyal series) is on Kindle for $1.99. Just thought I’d let you know.

      • Thanks Dot. I would love to buy that but, now don’t judge me I don’t have a kindle! Most around me have one and I just haven’t made the switch. Thanks for telling me though.

      • Gayle, this is just for-your-information, but Kindle has a free app for your computer if you don’t mind reading on the computer. I personaly don’t like to read off the computer but maybe you don’t mind. And if you don’t, then there are many free Kindle books also.

      • Cool I didn’t know that. I will look into that for the computer. I’m not 100 percent fan of reading on the computer as I work on it all day but its another alternative. Thanks Dot!

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