Highland Knight

The fifth book of the Murray Family series is Highland Knight. Hannah Howell continues the series with Avery Murray.

Avery Murray was taken against her will on the idea that she would be a debt paid. She was horrified to learn of the crimes against her brother and knew they were false. She had to find a way to have Cameron believe her, but she knew that revenge was too great and he would not listen. Avery hoped he would change his mind as she was falling in love with him.

Cameron MacAlpin was set on seeing justice for his sister. Payton Murray would pay and his sister would see to that debt. The problem was Cameron did not want to force a girl in his bed, but it would seem it would not take much. Avery soon became willing and feelings started to get in the way. Cameron knew that revenge was not the only thing driving him now but he knew that he would have to find a way to let her go.

I liked the story a lot actually. I had a feeling I would since this series has kept my interest. I liked Avery’s younger cousin who will be in the next book of the series.

I think out of the plot I enjoyed the idea of a ruthless debt payment that was being forced upon Avery but she did not waver. She stood strong and soon Cameron didn’t think of her just as an object.

The villains are few but the person you will hate the most is Katherine, Cameron’s sister and the cause of most of the problems. Howell will give justice in the book that would suite Katherine and leave the reader smiling.

Can’t wait for Gillyane and her turn at love.


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