Demon Can’t Help It

As I had started the series with What A Demon Wants which featured Ellina I was interested in reading about her brother. His book, Demon Can’t Help It where we will find out how he came to be with Jo and a more sympathetic demon.

Josephine “Jo” Burke is done with men and needs a change. She moves to New Orleans to be close to her friends and start a community center. What she didn’t expect was the attraction towards Maksim. She didn’t want it but found herself longing for his touch. Except it was not easy for Jo as she is pregnant with another mans baby and is starting to see her sister who has been dead for years.

Maksim Kostova is a demon and needs some entertainment. He finds it in Jo. She is a challenge that he can’t pass up but something happens, he starts to feel things for her. He starts to care about her and what she is going through especially as the visions get more persistent. Maksim’s concern though can’t be only on her as he is still worried about his sister Ellina but Maksim will find that Jo could be the answer.

Have to say Demon Can’t Help It was a great book. There was humor, a light plot that dove into harder emotions as the characters were built up within the story.

Love will engage you within the story especially as Jo and Maksim will be finding love within the pages. I really liked how the demon who was once fierce is bending towards a mortal woman.

I was excited to read about Ellina in the book as well. Her part was intertwined with Jo’s story. Jo is a little paranormal with the ability to see those who are dead and that will come in handy when Ellina will be needing some help.

Maksim and Jo’s story was fun to read.


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