Highland Promise

Following up on the third book of the Murray Family series I wanted to find out how Hannah Howell was going to write Eric’s story.

Eric Murray wanted to branch out and meet his mothers side of the family to get their support and on this quest he comes across a very small woman with a baby. Eric is insistently protective of this woman and wants her with a fury. He will help her and show her the ways of the world but life is not easy for these two new lovers as her family is after her and he is trying to regain what has been taken away.

Bethia Drummond knew that her new family had killed her sister and brother in law. Bethia fled from the home with her nephew only to come across her knight. She found herself to be captivated by him. They shared mutual lust which turned into love but Bethia was wary. People always looked down on her and never proved to truly love her. With woman flaunting themselves at Eric she knew he would loose interest in her, but Bethia will prove herself worthy to those around her and herself.

Highland Promise was engaging right from the start. I liked how Hannah Howell started out with Bethia fighting her way out of the place that wanted her death. Howell creates Bethia to be a fighter but unsure of herself. I liked how Howell let her grow and believe in herself. It was a steady growth which fell into the story well.

Eric was a fun character. I liked that he found a place but still was an outsider in a way. He was easy going but fierce and a little naive in some aspects. I liked that he found love and a way to protect Bethia through the story, it gave a sweet side to the battle.

The family was entertaining with the wives now with plenty of children and advice. I am looking forward to continuing the tale of the Murray Family as now it will be all the children of the three brothers and their wives which is ever growing.


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