The Naked Viscount

With a couple of books of the series I have the idea of how Sally MacKenzie writes and I really only want more. Reading the series out of order does not matter because the series can be picked up from any order.

The Naked Viscount is the sixth book of the Naked Nobility series.

Lady Jane Parker-Roth is on the shelf according to everyone even to her but Jane doesn’t care as the man she wants doesn’t pay attention to her. For eight seasons she wanted Edmund Smyth to pay attention but now tables are turning. With catching an intruder she finds that Edmund is sneaking about and together they are going to be together in a mystery of Pan.

Edmund Smyth is trying to find the scandal and is gathering proof but Jane gets in the way and will be caught in the same trouble. Edmund doesn’t mind as he is seeing Jane a little differently. All he sees is the woman she has become and he wants to get to know her better. With the active search of the statues of the god Pan, Edmund and Jane will be thrust into a dangerous mystery.

This series is very addicting and you want to know more about the characters and what makes them tick. I liked how the shy Jane gets the courage to be more wanton. And of course the straight lace Edmund will fall under Jane’s spell once he now sees her for the woman she is.  The added effect with secret meetings where the woman are used was interesting to read as it lead to mystery and intrigue with danger lacing through the scenes.

The added characters of the aunts of Edmund and mother of Jane brought the story alive with their witty banter and their pets.

The Naked Viscount was a fun addition to the Naked Nobility series and I can’t wait to continue with MacKenzie’s series.

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