Watch Out For The Naked Earl

So from trying that one book in the series I went and found another one. Again not in the correct order but I just wanted to read her book. The next book I found was The Naked Earl. Robbie and Lizzie are going to get to know each other a lot more and since I have read The Naked Gentleman I already knew going in how these two characters are in the future which was actually nice.

Lady Elizabeth Runyon “Lizzie” is only twenty but she knows who she wants to marry and hopes that one day he would actually come to see her in the same light. But come to Lizzie’s surprise she just might get her wish as a naked Robbie comes stumbling into her bedroom and opps she was naked as well.

Robert Hamilton “Robbie” was Earl of Westbrooke and was avoiding the marriage mart and anyone trying for him especially like Lady Felicity. That is why he ended up naked in the one window he did not want. Lizzie has been in his thoughts but he could never marry her, never marry anyone. Robbie suffered from an alignment but he will be surprised who will be the one to help.

I could not wait to get into the story and like the one I had read before the wit and humor were steady in the entire story. I liked that Lizzie was brave and would not give up which is something Robbie needed.

Sally MacKenzie will have readers wanting to turn each and every irresistible page of The Naked Earl.


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